Altec Lansing ACS48 – Satelite Speaker Mod

I bought an Altec Lansing ACS48 a while ago but it came without the left satelite speaker. Although I didn’t need it because I only wanted it for it’s powered sub, which still sounds perfect. Because of the way the system was designed, the right satelite speaker has all the controls and it uses a micro-controller to power on – by holding the volume up and down at the same time. Also as stated the volume controls are push button and not done using a pot or variable resistor.

So what I wanted to do is remove the need for the salelite speaker, but still have the option too add mid to high left and right speakers. I first looked around for the pin-outs for the DIN for the salelite speaker, couldn’t find them, but realised after opening it, it was pretty basic setup and I didn’t need them: SW1, SW2, LED+, Ground, Right Speaker +, Left Speaker +.

Lansing ACS48 Din Pinout

Lansing ACS48 Din Pinout

So I labeled the cables, de-soldered the PCB, cut the cable to about a foot long and re-soldered the PCB. Two RCA’s where added to the speaker leads, although I removed them and opted for a screw down cable holder because most of the speakers I use already used straight cables without ends. Future improvements would be to add a switch that grounds both the switches and label it as “On”, seems pretty obvious, not sure why turning it on has to involve both buttons at once, and why they didn’t just use a rocker switch on the rear of the sub, like everyone else.. ?

All tested fine and the sub still sounds great, cant believe how old it is vs quality of noise. Well done Altec!




2 thoughts on “Altec Lansing ACS48 – Satelite Speaker Mod

  1. I have an old ACS48 system like yours. I would like to use the subwoofer without the satellites. Is there an easy way to provide power to the subwoofer without connecting the satellites? Thanks

    • Hi Greg,
      Do you mean turn the sub on without the satellite speakers? With the modified PCB above, you press both buttons to turn it on and off. While on, either button adjusts the volume.


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