Ambient Light with Arduino and WS2811

The ambient lighting on this project turned out so well I wanted to try it on a normal TV.

When making the back light for a second time, I used an Arduino Mini Pro with mini USB port. I did find a small hiccup, the baud rate needed to be changed to 115200 most likely due to limitations in the USB to serial chipset on the Mini Pro (CH-340). The refresh rates are still very good. I am also using less LEDs which may contribute:

Arduino Mini Pro with power in project box.

Arduino Mini Pro with power in project box.

        "device" : { "name"       : "MyPi", "type"       : "adalight", "output"     : "/dev/ttyUSB0", "rate"       : 115200, "colorOrder" : "grb" },

In typical fashion, I’ve taken a pretty slap-`dash approach to the finish – the vertical LED’s are only tacked on using plastic tape which will most likely fall off when the TV heats up.

The Results

(Demo’s video’s taken from:

Project Specifics

  • Used to control LED strips: Arduino Mini Pro with USB mini socket and chipset.
  • LED Voltage: 5v (power supply is 2.5amps)
  • Media Player: Raspberry PI running OpenELEC 5 with Hyperion controlling the Arduino.

The colors are a little out; For example, white on the TV is blue on the LED’s. I have read this can be adjusted in Hyperion.


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