Desktop CNC – Work In Progress

To make my projects smaller and more durable, it would be better to make custom PCB’s rather than jamming a wad of wires into already small cases. To make this possible, I’ve made a desktop CNC. To keep the costs down, it will be made using mostly surplus parts. To cut back on costs further the sides and 3D printed parts where redesigned to fit 8mm smooth rods, rather than 12mm, which are considerably more expensive and harder to find. There are many revisions of the CNC design I chose and I had to piece together parts from 2 or Continue Reading →

MP3DP v2

After rebuilding the center of my MPCNC, buying another router and converting it to dual axis independent motors, I wanted to test it’s alignment by making the MP3DP v2 – another V1 Engineering project. Some of the core components came from my aging Prusa i2, which had significantly less build volume (20x20x7) There was a small issue with the parts being CNC’d using the new firmware. rounded corners seemed to be randomly hit and miss – I found out that the firmware didn’t cut arc’s very well, so they had to be removed from the g-code Core components removed: stepper Continue Reading →

Migrating Repetier-Host for Windows

I have changed PC’s used to control my 3D printers a few times – usually due to hardware failure. This time I wrote basic Export and Import scripts to help with the migration. It saves so much time, rather than setting them again. It exports the registry and settings files (among others), and then imports them back when you run it on the destination PC. For this test it was from a Vista laptop to a Windows 10 PC – All good. Migrate_RepetierHost Cheers.

Mostly Printed CNC (MP-CNC)

Having a CNC machine to cut panels for projects has been a wish for a while. Then I found this awesome project: Mostly Printed CNC ( As the name says, most parts are 3D printed and the non-printed parts are easily accessible. The controller is a RAMPs 1.4 board with Arduino Mega, easy to find cheap online. I used the Marlin firmware because it’s the same as both my 3D printers. After destroying my Mendel i2 trying a new printing surface I had spent many hours printing the parts on my Solidoodle2 with a printing volume 6″ x 6″ x Continue Reading →

Hot End Failure

While trying to print out the LCD mount for the “Internet Radio” project. I returned later to check the progress on the print after it finally starting due to temperature issues. I found this: The temperature sensor had pulled free and had a piece of plastic lodged between it and the hot end. When I removed the hot end for inspection, the sensor broke apart. Clearly it was time to replace the entire hot end. It has served me well and is only the second one used in my Prusa Mendel i2. The new hot end is 95% metal with Continue Reading →

Prusa Mendel i2 to CNC Engraver Conversion – In progress

I’ve been checking out parts lists and prices for DIY CNC routers. After some research, I’ve decided to convert my Prusa Mendel i2 to a small, very cheap CNC engraver, So I could get a feel for them and work out if it would be worth making a full size one. Below is what I had to work with. You may notice the extra braces on the top corners – the green parts. There is other extra supports on the board it’s screwed on to, to make it more ridged than usual. I found a few mounts on thingyverse, but Continue Reading →

Basic MK802ii Wall/Desk Mount

To celebrate getting new batteries for both of my digital calipers, I made a quick and easy wall or desk mount for a MK802ii, which I’m using Debian and motion to stream the webcams on my 3D printers (1 each and 1 for the room = 3). The HDMI cover was made by inverting an already existing HDMI plug in Sketchup online library. Although I haven’t used it for very long, I figured having the MK802ii vents (2x sets of air holes) facing out would be the best way to dissipate heat. If heat is still an issue I’d add Continue Reading →

Serial to Bluetooth Convertor

This is a far better version of this wireless serial port. Why bother? I use them for configuring Cisco equipment for work. If you have ever been standing on a chair, balancing your laptop, trying to program a managed switch, you’ll appreciate being able to sit comfortably at a desk close by, while doing it wirelessly. Just screw the console cable onto the RS-232 and turn it on. New: 2-3 Seconds boot time. Old: 20-30 seconds. New: Battery life lasts around 48hrs when continuously transmitting. If you double tap the charge button on the battery it turns on an excellent Continue Reading →

Mendel ~5 Degree Lean Forward

Before and after lean fix

I have been printing very square cases for a wr703n project, and they have been leaning toward the front of the printer. I have had binding issues before and usually you hear the stepper missing the turn. But not so in this case. During my hunt for the problem, I’ve grease all the bearings, realigned the front and rear Y idlers, broken both rear bar clamps, and ran off about 6 test prints; All with 1.5mm width walls. Only during the last print did I notice that both of my¬† Z axis smooth rods where angled forward about the same Continue Reading →

Rear TV Laptop Stand

Rear TV Laptop Stand 1

This is just a small project to hide a laptop (used for LinuxMCE) I have in the bedroom behind the TV. This makes it a little easier on the eyes, and helps with heat dissipation (bottom of laptop facing out). First I measured the diameter of the screw holes, found screws to fit it, then measured the widest part of the laptop, which just happened to be the heavy end. Used Sketchup to make the bracket and printed two of them: I printed them at 70% infill and drilled the holes bigger. 70% is a bit overkill, but I don’t Continue Reading →