Offset Smoker

This was done a few months ago, I just didn’t think to add it till now. I’ve wanted to make an offset smoker since I found out that my hot water system would need replacing. I got a fair way through the project when I couldn’t get accurate information on weather it was safe to leave the glass lining on the inside. After a quick email to the original manufacturer it was confirmed it needed to be removed. It was too thick to remove with a flappy disk and grinder so it was abandoned. I saw an advert online for Continue Reading →

Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS)

This project started when I was doing a pork leg and it was too big (and tall) to fit in my old charcoal BBQ (18″ Eurochef kindly donated by a good mate). Old bricks ¬†and clamps where to hold the lid down. After some research I found a DIY smoker called a UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker). After much thought and research, I opted for a food safe drum (stupid move) from a chocolate factory, formally it was full of sucrose. So far I’ve invested $5. . Checked the local fire laws – unfortunately our shire does not allow burn off’s,incinerators Continue Reading →

Smoker/Kettle BBQ Controller

After tasting some awesome BBQ offered in the US, I wanted to try making it myself. I’ve tried to use a gas BBQ, but it always turned out dry and tough. I moved to a charcoal kettle grill and wanted to be able to have more control of the temperature. Options: manual control – Continuously checking the temperature on the gauge that came with the BBQ. Buying a professional smoker – big $$. Make my own controller – When researching I found a professional BBQ team that used a controller that adjusted the temperature using a fan and temperature probes. Continue Reading →