Cheap Pickups: Vistar Audio 250W Panel Amp

Picked up either a 450W or 250W/360W sub woofer panel amplifier: $10. As you can see from the pics below, there aren’t any identifying model numbers on it except “AUDIO 9911061”.

Had to fix the cable from the volume/frequency/IR PCB, then plugged it into see if it works… It does and works very well! When playing thumping bass, a carpeted speaker box with a 600W Kicker Sub moves along the floor! Next, sub woofer races!!

The metal rattling is the “Man Cave” roof, and yes I know the box is way too small for the sub.

An few interesting features are: When turning up or down the frequency or volume using the remote, the knobs are rotated using small motors on the rear of them. The volume and frequency knobs also have LED’s in them so you can see their current position from a few meters away.

Next I’ll have to make an appropriately sized enclosure for the sub, panel, and volumes. Maybe try making one partially from fiber glass, for smooth edges??

Update: 12-Jan-2013

Made a very rushed speaker box to mount it all in. Sounds great although needs more weight in it to stop it moving, and eventually will be carpeted.




UPDATE – Closeup of resistors as requested below

7 thoughts on “Cheap Pickups: Vistar Audio 250W Panel Amp

  1. Kristian,

    Happy Holidays!
    Could you please tell me the resistor color key for R3, R15, R16. I discovered all 4 caps exploded. Also exploded the 3 resistors. I get a value. But I would really appreciate your confirmation. I just replaced the Caps.

    Thank you, Stuart

    • Hi Stuart, I have added the pictures above:
      R15: RED,BLK,BLK,GLD (20 Ohms 5%)
      R16: BRWN,BLK,BLK,GLD (10 Ohms 5%)
      R3:RED,RED,YELLOW,GOLD (220k Ohms 5%) ?? To be honest it looks burnt out so this was a best guess.
      Hope this helps!

  2. Outstanding!!!! Perfection.. Thank you. Very Much!!! The porcelain was burnt off of the 3 Resistors. 2 read correct. 1 only. half of the value. Gold Value is used throughout. These AMP plates are a well worth the value. But nothing like my sunfire MK II

    Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, Happy new Year!!!

  3. Kristian,

    I still have the Spec Sheet for my Vistar 350 AMP plate. Purchased in 02 from MCM. pn: 50-6282 – I just scanned. To send you a copy. If interested? We can only leave a comment.

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