Cheap Pickups – Box of Server Parts

Found a shoe box sized box of random PC parts for $10. I wasn’t able to see the entire contents, but was assured it was all related. I’m always looking for cheap cables and assortment.

Cut the tape on the box when I got home and found:

  • 1x Supermicro X7SBE motherboard.
  • 8GB of DDR2/677mhz ECC RAM (2GB sticks).
  • 1x  Dedicated IPMI card for the board.
  • 1x Quad core Xeon X3360 @ 2.83GHz.
  • 1x rear Double USB motherboard extender.

I also bought from the same seller for an extra $10:  Low profile dual 36pin SAS card – cant find the model number yet, but compared it to images online and I think It’s an LSI MegaRAID 9261-8i. I assume the model is under the battery pack.

Plugged it all (except the SAS controller) in and found a matching PSU with the extra 8 pin 12v connector:


An annoying side note – USB support seems to have been disabled and I cant find the only PS/2 keyboard I wanted to keep. I’m not a huge Supermicro fan, but for $10 I could be 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cheap Pickups – Box of Server Parts

    • Fair call. But for $10 it’ll make a good working platform for temporary jobs: compiling distro’s, backup’s, etc. I’ll put a watt meter on it and see, the PSU I’m using is only ~450w. Did I mention… $10!!!!!

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