Control LimitlessLED Globes With an Arduino

This is a quick post so please consider it a work in progress. I’ve purchased some Limitless RGB LED globes and a wireless controller for them. The wireless controller,  you can send it small UDP packets to make the paired globes change. By referencing their API, it’s pretty easy to write your own programs.

In this example I used an Arduino with a network shield and a PIR sensor. The goal was to get the PIR sensor to detect someone in the room and turn a desk lamp on.

Part Specifics: PIR Sensor – HC-SR501 Motion Sensor Module, Network Shield – Ethernet Shield W5100, Arduino UNO, Limitless v2 wireless controller, 2 RGB Globes

This is the program written for the Arduino. DISCLAIMER: The code is pretty dirty with no comments. It also needs some refining and cleaning up: LimitlessLED_Arduino

What the program does: Turns the lamp on, cycle down the disco modes to reach white, turn off, wait for the sensor to detect movement, turn on the lamp, and keep checking to see if there is any further movement before turning off again after a few seconds.

In future revisions of the code I hope to implement other features; Maybe beat/noise detection, and custom color animations.

3 thoughts on “Control LimitlessLED Globes With an Arduino

  1. Would it be possible to use this code to create an Arduino device that takes DMX commands and sends control commands to LimitlessLED type bulbs (I have some Easybulb globes)? I’m looking for a way to control DMX fixtures and LimitlessLED at the same time.

  2. Hey, can i talk to you in email about this project, something is not working as it should and i really dont know what to do. (i think you can see my email if i add that)

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