Custom 5.25 Drive Bay Name Covers

When you buy a new computer or phone you often customize it to make it look and feel just the way you want. I’ve not really done a PC case mod in ages so I spent a short time finding the standard CDROM drive bay specifications (dimensions and screw hole placement), page 9. Created a template in Sketchup, printed face down, then face front. Face down looked better but face front was stronger. Changed the design to have removable legs so they can be printed separately, then screwed together. the images below were done for my gaming PC. As you can see my naming scheme is Transformers based.

The textured lines in the engraved text is where the bridging has failed. I kinda like it. Eventually I would like to fill the letter space with color, and try some aged effects, etc..

The STL File used for my LinuxMCE box is here: linuxmce3


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