D-Link DWL-2100AP – USB Powered Mod

I obtained 5 D-Link DWL-2100AP ages ago and the power supplies have mostly all died. The requirements stated on the back are 5v 2amps. So I desoldered the power connector and replaced it with a cut off USB cable and tried it on a phone charger (5v 1amp) it booted and seemed to be OK. After that I tried my laptop USB charging port – again all seemed OK. Then I tried setting it up with my PC and plugging it into the back of a HP T5500 – All good and the wireless (I assume the most power draining component) was also working in client mode. So now I have it powered via the HP 5500 USB port and the ethernet connects the two for wireless communication with the rest of the network. Easy to setup and only requires one mains power cable.


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