HP T5510 – Low Watt Backup Storage Server – FAILED!!

This is going to be a long’ish project because I haven’t gotten all the pieces just yet. Any way I have:

  • Main laptop HDD and cable to connect to the motherboard.
  • 4 HDD’s and PCI SATA RAID card for software raid.
  • Motherboard, RAM, etc..

I’m still waiting on:

  • PCI extension cable.
  • 3.5 to 5.25 HDD mounting brackets.
  • Correctly fitting backplate.

What the idea came when comparing the size of the motherboard, backplate, and screw holes to an empty case, apparently the thinclient uses a micro-atx compliant motherboard size and mounting holes. So if I can make it fit into a standard size case, then I can have my backups running off that.

The additional storage drives will be attached to a SATA PCI card which will plug into the PCI extension cable, then into the board.

UPDATE: After having ordered all the pieces to make this low watt server, I’m afraid to say that the onboard PCI slot wont run more than 1 PCI card, even with a divider… So angry right now…


3 thoughts on “HP T5510 – Low Watt Backup Storage Server – FAILED!!

  1. Interesting. I had a HP thinclient (5510 as well, I think) running a PCI IDE raid controller and a PCI gigabit NIC at the same time. They do need an active PCI riser, not just a splitter, though.

    My project is long dead, and I still have the active riser if you want it?

    • It was just for backups, so the small speed increase wouldn’t make much difference compared to the power saving gained by using green WD HDD’s (non-HW raid compatible).

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