Linuxmce 10.04 Install

The newish beta of Linuxmce 10.04  (Lucid Lynx) has been out since early 2011. It was a forced upgrade because the support for 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) stopped. Yes 10.04 is still a few versions behind the most up-todate version (of Ubuntu), but it it the newest long term support release (LTS), meaning that it will have support for about 3 years, and 5 years on the server version (not used here).

The first round of testing was done with VMware server, to answer simple questions like: Does it install well; By that, I mean does it install using the scripts provided (cut and paste), or does it require additional tweaking/conditions? A few attempts later,  over as many weeks and it’s seems to be going well with a small but major problem, the Grub2 boot loader has failed, either from moving it between virtual machines or simple HDD corruption. It’s been decided, to move on and assume it was a ‘human’ error.

Hardware Installation: A spare Media Director had been pulled aside for a few months for refitting, so it made a good base PC for testing. For this install I used a Kubuntu 10.04 install CD are recommended from their install guide. Kubuntu installs fine, rebooted, updated the packages, then proceeded with the scripts.

The script made references to old-archives package repository for Lucid, which where arent any (as yet), so there was a couple of 404 error’s, but it progressed anyway. I assume that part of the script was included for backward compatibility. To be honest, I didnt view all of the output of as it’s generally taken awhile to complete. The start and end looked ok. Then moved onto the script and rebooted.


  • /etc/network/interfaces needed fixing; external IP had no sub net mask or gateway specified. Added and reloaded networking – Ok.
  • AVWizard fail to launch (“X Failed to Start”, etc); changed NVidia driver in xorg.conf to nv just to get it started, will fix later (I’m guessing it was a hardware support factor).
  • pluto-web-admin (I think) package didn’t install properly;  browse to http://dcerouter/lmce-admin/ and you get a directly listing, browse to http://dcerouter/ and it automatically goes to the mythweb interface: http://dcerouter/mythweb/. Found their where more updates pending, so 300MB later it was fine.

Thinking back on the Grub2 errors I had in VMware, I’ve decided to clone the HDD it was installed on to a different drive to see if it will still boot successfully. Errors varied in VMware, but the major one seemed to be relating to being unable to find the correct GUID of the disk it’s supposed to be booting from.

HDD clone was successful after trying a few spare disks, and it boots and runs on a physical server. So far I have not migrated to 10.04 due to all the modifications I have made to 8.10, and if it’s not broke dont fix it… For now.

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