Linuxmce Setup

UPDATED [31-1-2012]:

Linuxmce Setup 31-1-2012

Additions: Kitchen audio zone and patio audio zone

Kitchen Audio Zone – Hardware is a wireless AP in client mode connected to a thinclient with powered speakers.

Patio Audio Zone – Just like the Kitchen zone, I’ve got an instance of squeezeslave running on the server with an additional USB soundcard, both soundcards go into the 5.1 channel amp. The left and right channels  are for the shed, the rear left and rear right power the patio speakers.

[Original Setup]

BASICS: Linuxmce is more than it’s Windows MCE counter part. It provides an entire infrastructure solution; Example, Windows MCE plays video and audio… Which is nothing special. LinuxMCE on the other-hand, is open source, and is based around a flexible framework that allows it to act as a router, firewall, PBX, MAME, and much more. It’s limited to your imagination and experience. The most important difference (for me) is the community support and the  hugh range of devices that can be used as orbiters.

Network Layout:

Network Diagram

  • Core/Hybrid:
    • CPU/s: 2 x Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.00GHz 1MB cache ea. (bogomips: 5985.50)
    • RAM: 3GB DDR 266mhz
    • Drives: Root: 512GB Mirror, /home/public/data: 2.7GB RAID 5, CDROM
    • Extra:
      • 2x USB web cams for security camera’s
      • Case is a generic server case, with SCSI hotswaps on the front and their back plains removed to allow SATA support.
      • 2 x 1GB NIC’s (driver support issues, only using one with additional 10/100MB PCI NIC)
  • MD Living -Room:
    • CPU/s: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.80GHz, 256 KB cache (bogomips: 5599.82)
    • RAM: 2.5GB DDR 400mhz
    • Drives: DVD Drive
    • Extra:
      • Original xbox controller with USB conversion kit.
      • Dual Digital HD TV Tuner card: Winfast DTV1000s (Multimedia controller: Philips Semiconductors SAA7130 Video Broadcast Decoder (rev 01))
  • MD Theater:
    • CPU/s: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.80GHz, 256 KB cache (bogomips: 5599.82)
    • RAM: 1.5GB DDR 400mhz
    • Drives: DVD Drive
    • Extra:
      • Using digital audio out to an 300 Watt AMP. Sounds good until you pause video’s, then it skips – but if you jog forward or backward it stops skipping and works again. This is due to driver problems when using the digital audio.
  • Roaming Orbiter/s:
    • Most orbiters are windows clients, with the the exception of the N900 which runs a ported version.
  • SIP Client:
    • Nokia E61: Using standard sip client that came installed. It allows you use your mobile just like normal, except when connected to asterisk, all local and national calls are FREE (with my VOIP provider).
  • Ethernet over power:
    • Pair of Netcomm NP201AV’s: Using the netcomm software is shows sync across the pair at about 150 MB/s, generic software shows about 180-190MB/s. PXE booting has become slower, but it’s still fast enough to record and play back seamlessly from Mythtv.
  • MAME PC (Arcade Machine):


  • Shoutcast streaming: (Details pending)
  • iiNet Asterisk Config: (Details pending)

Future Improvements:

  • Future software improvements have been put on hold until version 10.04 has been completed.
  • Remove power over ethernet and replace it with straight cat5/6 cabling.

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  2. You’ll be pleased to know that this is one of the options I am considering for my new house setup 🙂 I currently use Plex which has worked reasonably well to date, the only issues have come from the Netgear NAS that I use. Once the cabling is complete at the new place, I will be looking to setup a multi zone audio system, with 3 video zones. It will be built with expansion in mind. I am not so worried about SIP (hell, mobile calls are cheap as these days) but the security camera setup is quite important.

    I know you have changed your system since this article was published, maybe time for an update? 🙂

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