MK802 – PC on a Stick (A10S)

MK802 and it’s many clones/variants have been around for a while, I’ve just received mine from eBay and started to play around with it. Like most it comes with Android 4.X.X pre-installed and a few applications, some also come stock with XBMC.

The one I purchased was described as MK802, but then later was renamed as MP802 – not sure if it was a typo. It came with 1Ghz CPU, 400MHz GPU, 1GB RAM, 1xUSB, 1xOTG and HDMI (1080 resolution), with Android 4.0.4.

The version of Android installed it pretty buggy – you-tube app fails constantly, flash doesn’t work well in browser, and all in all it’s pretty slow to navigate around. If it was an Android phone, it would be unbearable.

First mod to try is getting a more fully featured OS installed – either Debian or Ubuntu. From what I have seen it should be able to boot from an SD-card with a pre-installed image.

UPDATE: After a bit of research, it’s not actually an MK802, it’s processor is an ‘Allwinner A10s‘ (1, 2). The MK802’s equivalent version is an A10 (no ‘s’ in model name) and the CPU’s aren’t compatible with each other. This makes it tougher to find compatible images, without making them myself. From what I have read, the main difference between the two is that the A10s has most of the “additional” features removed, eg; 3D engine. So you could compare it to the old Celerons vs Pentiums, except they don’t have compatible binaries, apparently.

I found an excellent tutorial and image to test Linux on the device:

Image from:

It booted and was pretty responsive, although it had no wireless drivers. I tried to recompile from scratch, and during the process the cheap USB power adapter I was using blew, taking the ‘PC on a stick’ and the cable out with it. Sigh.

Anyway… I had already ordered another MK802 from a ‘certified’ reseller of Rikomagic, and it should be arriving in a week or so.

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