MP3DP v2

After rebuilding the center of my MPCNC, buying another router and converting it to dual axis independent motors, I wanted to test it’s alignment by making the MP3DP v2 – another V1 Engineering project. Some of the core components came from my aging Prusa i2, which had significantly less build volume (20x20x7)

Beat up Prusa i2 – It’s been rebuilt more times than I can count.

There was a small issue with the parts being CNC’d using the new firmware. rounded corners seemed to be randomly hit and miss – I found out that the firmware didn’t cut arc’s very well, so they had to be removed from the g-code

These cuts highlight the over cut on the front and back pieces before arc’s were disabled.

Core components removed: stepper motors, hot build plate, and some electronics.

The build time on this was longer than expected due to long wait times for cheaper parts and properly cabling the wires. The power supply mounts are custom to the 3D printer.

Complete build, tested – with optional LCD and PSU mounts hidden behind the rear right.

You may notice the auto leveling sensor in front of the extruder – this is still a work in progress. The quality of prints is far better than my Solidoodle 2 – which is also old and been rebuilt a few times. The best part I like about the design is that it allows for multiple thickness wood, and most of the parts are standard lengths so getting smooth rods, lead screws, etc. Wasn’t terribly difficult.

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