N900 Orbiter

After a phone swap, I’ve been able to get my hands on an Nokia N900 *Touchscreen Mobile Computer*

* = Nokia’s words not mine

First order of busines:

  • Can you put an orbiter on it: Yes – It’s marginaly slower than the XP Orbiter, which makes it a smoother feel, and less click and wait… (like the web/proxy orbiter).
  • Does it come with a SIP client: Yes, and it also connects to Asterisk in Linuxmce to take advantage of the free calls included with my ADSL.
  • Transmission Client available: No – havent tried everything yet, so migh be able to use a Java client or similar.

So far it’s looking very good, some minor issues with the Orbiter, eg; when it goes black you have to tap the screen in the right place to get it too wake up and connect again, or less it just sits there with the backlight on, and a blank screen.


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