Netgear EX6200

I went against my hatred for Netgear and bought an EX6200 as a replacement for the wireless access points I’ve been using. Having not bought any wireless gear for a while, I figured might as well check out 802.11AC equipment.

After the purchase, I found the hardware to be well over spec: dual core 800Mhz processor, 128MB RAM, but the firmware was crippled by rubbish “end-user friendly” features, and only allowed external connections from the existing LAN via wireless sources. To Netgears credit, it does state the following in the manual:

“Can I plug it directly to my main wireless router using ethernet? No…”

After 40 minutes of stubbornly trying to get it to connect to my LAN using ethernet, I gave up and found this post: Transform the NETGEAR EX6200 into a Wi-Fi Router with DD-WRT. A few moments later it was a fully featured wireless access point with enterprise features. Thank you DD-WRT team, love your hard work.

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