Offset Smoker

This was done a few months ago, I just didn’t think to add it till now. I’ve wanted to make an offset smoker since I found out that my hot water system would need replacing.

I got a fair way through the project when I couldn’t get accurate information on weather it was safe to leave the glass lining on the inside. After a quick email to the original manufacturer it was confirmed it needed to be removed. It was too thick to remove with a flappy disk and grinder so it was abandoned.

I saw an advert online for someone selling “kits” for $70 (AUD). 2 LPG tanks, 4 legs, and a chimney.

The LPG tanks had already been venting for over a year, but I still filled with water for a few weeks and then refilled with dishwashing liquid and water to clean them out.

I’m not going to lie, the first cut’s with a grinder were terrifying, and to use a grinder to cut through a “Flammible Gas” warning sign was unwholesome and went against my “Safety Sam” choices.

The cylinder rotated before I marked and cut the door, and by the time I noticed it was too late. I spent more time on the firebox getting it right. Rather then a lid on the top I opted to have a door at the end with a vent in the door. I’m very happy with the end result.

Added the legs and painted. I went through a few revisions of grills while testing it, and eventually landed 6m X 1.5m of woven stainless steel for a staggering $50 (thank you Gumtree). Made a shelf and new grill with it.




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