Poor Mans UPS

During a bad storm a few weeks ago, we lost internet then power for a few hours. I’m not a fan of playing cards by candle light and the only UPS I have lasts for a few days then dies a terrible death screaming to be put down.

Anyway, below is a picture of what I was able to scrounge up to recharge my phone and listen to music. Unfortunately I only remembered I had the car inverter the day after… Next time will be better 🙂

The big yellow device is a car jump start kit with 2x 12v cigarette lighter ports in the front. It also has a light, and compressor if needed. The silver device in front of that is the car inverter, but will only power low wattage devices off the jump start kit, like a lamp, radio, phone/laptop charger, etc.. Still better the sitting in a near dark room waiting for the power to not turn on!

Poormans UPS

Poormans UPS


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