Prusa Mendel i2 Update – 3

Now I have a working 3D printer again. I did have to make some adjustments to get it working, at least until I have to time to print out better versions of the parts.

First dirty mod was to drill out the bottom of the extruder to make the J-Head hot-end fit in it, then use screws jammed into the bottom to make it stay. The second  mod was to put a spring between the screws that hold the extruder idler in place to keep the filament from slipping off the hobbed bolt.

One of the mods not shown is the small metal tube placed down the filament hole underneath the hobbed bolt, it helps guide the filament into the J-Head better. The calibration prints show 1; first successful print. 2; fixed X and Y stepping. 3;fixed Z stepping.

I do plan on printing a new extruder that is made for the J-Head, and there is a version of the idler that has a printed guide built in.


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