Rear TV Laptop Stand

This is just a small project to hide a laptop (used for LinuxMCE) I have in the bedroom behind the TV. This makes it a little easier on the eyes, and helps with heat dissipation (bottom of laptop facing out).

First I measured the diameter of the screw holes, found screws to fit it, then measured the widest part of the laptop, which just happened to be the heavy end. Used Sketchup to make the bracket and printed two of them:

I printed them at 70% infill and drilled the holes bigger. 70% is a bit overkill, but I don’t know how the heat from the laptop would affect them. In summary, quick, cheap, easy and does the job.

This is the STL, rotate it -90 degrees before printing it.


The Laptop is a Lenovo R500, which in case anyone is wandering, doesn’t support audio via it’s display port even with a HDMI converter, so I’m stuck with VGA/stereo audio output. It’s an older LCD TV, so it’s not such a big deal.


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