Solidoodle Failed Again

You may have read my rant at the bottom of this post regarding to cooked hot end resistor. Today I went to try a test print again after the Y axis kept getting stuck. Another parts fail, the front Y axis bearings where cracked and crumbling, then snapped all the way through.

You can see from the pieces below that the infill has been set to about 20% on parts that requires constant tension and also holds a moving, vebrating part. A pretty obvious manufacturing mistake.

The images below show the second right hand bearing holder failing as I tend to the left. It appears to be a 2 for 1 special (sarcasm implied).

A quick run down the hardware store, and $25 of parts/tools later, I have ever lasting bearing holders.

To be fair I have printed a lot of parts, but I also don’t agree with their approximately 20% fill. Cost vs benifit? Only after they broke did I find this on thingiverse. Would have been good to have made a few of these first. Atleast now I can make some for future (95% infill), if the metal holders don’t work out.

I later flipped the black bolts to point outward and the geared bearing to have the gears towards the middle.

UPDATE (same day – 6 hrs later)

Found some additional cracking, non-fixable, warrentee issue again. another 2-3 weeks.

UPDATE: 17-3-13

Turn around time will be approximately 3 weeks either direction with a max 1 week in the shop, expected return of parts is ~7 weeks. Owned for 2.5 months. So 7 weeks + ~3 weeks for the hot end resistor = Cant wait for my Prusa Mendel v2 to be complete.


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