Arduino CDP Revisited

During some down time I’ve decided to revisit the Arduino CDP sniffer and add extra features. This will be a running post and will be updated periodically. As mentioned in the comments of the other post I will be looking at adding LLDP support and an export feature to a mobile/laptop. The export or “history” addition will allow a log to be saved to an external device as easy as possible. As a prototype, it’s had an ESP8266 added to it with a web server running showing modified serial output. Initial results work, but I’m again getting plagued with power Continue Reading →

CDP Sniffing with an Arduino

Firstly full credit to Chris van Marle for his work on his CDPSniffino code, of which I have butchered (to be honest) to get it to work with ENC28J60 ethernet controllers. The packet info that is captured is slightly different, so it took a while debugging. This is also my first Arduino project (not including 3D printers). It has  been a while since I have written C code… Enough excuses… Anyway, I use a lot of Cisco equipment and I have found on many occasion that network wall ports are either not labeled or the labels have worn off. When Continue Reading →