Larger DPF with modded firmware

Purchased a new digital photo frame from eBay, found a matching hacked firmware, and now have a screen that’ll be used for network health, weather, rss feeds, torrent stats, etc.. The resolution is 240 x 320, and you can see in the picture below, if the layout is correctly done, you can fit a lot on it. Firmware: fw_linkdelight_black_portrait (modified) LinkDelight_orig (original) Cheers.

WR703N – 1.5inch Digital Photo Frame (DPF)

Close up with GPS & Mac address's blured

Please be aware this guide has incomplete information, and is very generalized. Ok, now I’ve got a reliable testing unit up and running – tested it for over a week. During that time I wanted to know if it had kernel panic’d or if the GPS had dropped out etc… So I looked into a few options: The easiest was to use telnet on from a laptop and just leave the screen open, this has other problems like battery life, bulky, heavy, and is over kill because you might as well just use the laptop. 16×2 character display LCD module, Continue Reading →