Arduino CDP Revisited

During some down time I’ve decided to revisit the Arduino CDP sniffer and add extra features. This will be a running post and will be updated periodically. As mentioned in the comments of the other post I will be looking at adding LLDP support and an export feature to a mobile/laptop. The export or “history” addition will allow a log to be saved to an external device as easy as possible. As a prototype, it’s had an ESP8266 added to it with a web server running showing modified serial output. Initial results work, but I’m again getting plagued with power Continue Reading →

Wireless Touchscreen LED Strip Controller

For Christmas I installed 20M (4 x 5M) of RGB LED strips, and 1 RGB spotlight under our patio, I then used the WIFI to 2.4GHz bridge (V4) (same used here) to connect them to the network in 2 groups. Now they can be turned on using our phones, etc… But I don’t carry my phone with me everywhere so this seemed fun but short sighted… With the ESP8266, a Touch screen, and 3.3v Arduino mini pro, I was able to create a wireless touch screen controller for the Christmas lights. Note: There is one caveat; it’s slow. This is Continue Reading →

ESP8266 – Work in progress

Thanks to a Hackaday post, I was made aware of these awesome (and awful) wireless to UART SoCs. When I first started the information available was patchy, resulting in the SoC randomly rebooting. After a few weeks of trial and error, it’s some what stable, but still has it’s issues every couple of hours. To get around this, I’ve incorporated a hard reset after ‘x’ amount of program loops with an Arduino. I had a status check that ran instead of loops, but the output of the SoC wasn’t synchronous, when dealing with multiple events from the UART and wifi Continue Reading →