N40L Mod Bios Update

I found a while ago that there is a BIOS patch for my HP N40L Micro server that basically de-cripples it – to some extent. Had some time today to finally install an additional network card, so I took the opportunity to try the patch. This guide is pretty thorough although when I applied the patch, the extra options achieved were: SATA II speed and the extra menu “Chipset” -> “SouthBridge Configuration” -> “SB Sata Configuration” Before patch my software RAID read speeds where about 250MB/s after: hdparm -tT /dev/md0 /dev/md0: Timing cached reads:   2362 MB in  2.00 seconds = Continue Reading →

WR703N – 1.5inch Digital Photo Frame (DPF) x2

During this post, I bought an additional keychain (which I backed up the firmware first). Anyway… The model/manufacturer is: Zipp DP605. Found a modified firmware here, mirrored here fw_disp_delightdigi_black_NEW_Zipp, Cheers superelchi and mumianex. I’ve also change the python script and lcd4linux.conf for lower CPU usage and scrolls when more than 8 are detected. Available here, and the original firmware is here full_Zipp_original. Update: 9-6-2013 I have purchased 2 more DPF keychains, another Kasier Bass, and a generic one from Target. This is the original firrmware for the new Kaiser Bass (noticeable because the logo’s have changed)   Cheers.

WR703N – 1.5inch Digital Photo Frame (DPF)

Close up with GPS & Mac address's blured

Please be aware this guide has incomplete information, and is very generalized. Ok, now I’ve got a reliable testing unit up and running – tested it for over a week. During that time I wanted to know if it had kernel panic’d or if the GPS had dropped out etc… So I looked into a few options: The easiest was to use telnet on from a laptop and just leave the screen open, this has other problems like battery life, bulky, heavy, and is over kill because you might as well just use the laptop. 16×2 character display LCD module, Continue Reading →

TP-Link WR703N – Small packets, lots of options

The WR703N is advertised as a mini 3G/WIFI travel router. You can get for about $23 on ebay. There are 2 similar models: WR702N and WR700N, both not as good; WR700N requires mains power, and the WR702N has half the flash, to point out just a few differences. I’ve used OpenWRT in the last few posts and have been very happy with the package selection and setup options, so it was a pretty obvious choice and luckily it’s available for this device. Interfaces: 1x ethernet (10/100Mb), 802.11N wireless (150Mb), USB host. Features: Powered by 5v usb, 32MB RAM, 4MB flash, Continue Reading →

Cheap Pickup: WRT54G2 = $2

Yep, a working WRT54G2 (version 1.0) for $2, just required a 12v power cable, which I’ve a few spares. This is the third WRT54G I’ve owned: First one was purchased o modify the flash and use as a bridge. Unfortunatly it was version 7 so it had no known third party firmware available, (atleast at the time)  mainly due to an under sized flash chip and non-supported wireless chipset. Second was an American import and one of the originals flashed with DD-WRT.  Worked perfectly until the loose power cable came out during a reflash… Bricked. As explained, this wireless router Continue Reading →