Cheap Pickups: SRW2008P

I found a Linksys SRW2008P at the markets for $10. That’s 8 1000Base-T gigabit ports with POE and 2 mini-gbics (SFP’s). It also supports 256 VLANs and link aggregation. Resetting to factory defaults took some reading, and trial and error. The console cable required is a straight through DB9 cable not a cross-over (null modem) cable. I’ve used an old DB9 to RJ45 convertor and changed the pin assignment (pin 2 and 3) to make it compatible with newer Cisco console cables. The console login/password reset procedure is terrible. Pull the power and open a console session. Plug in the Continue Reading →

Turn a WRT350Nv2 into a Squeezeslave (networked audio)

Brought a WRT350N v2 from the flea markets last week ($20), installed OpenWRT 10.03.1 using the WinXP firmware upgrade utility. After that installed I then installed some additional packages (full list). So at this point I was able to insert a cheap USB sound card in the rear and it would detect it. I was able to change the volume using alsamixer for testing. Now for the frustrating part, cross compiling squeezeslave to execute it on the WRT350Nv2. I tried a few precompiled binaries, but they were no good. The basic steps I took were: Download OpenWRT SDK. Make sure you’ve gotten the Continue Reading →

Cheap Pickup: WRT54G2 = $2

Yep, a working WRT54G2 (version 1.0) for $2, just required a 12v power cable, which I’ve a few spares. This is the third WRT54G I’ve owned: First one was purchased o modify the flash and use as a bridge. Unfortunatly it was version 7 so it had no known third party firmware available, (atleast at the time)  mainly due to an under sized flash chip and non-supported wireless chipset. Second was an American import and one of the originals flashed with DD-WRT.  Worked perfectly until the loose power cable came out during a reflash… Bricked. As explained, this wireless router Continue Reading →