Control LimitlessLED Globes With an Arduino

This is a quick post so please consider it a work in progress. I’ve purchased some Limitless RGB LED globes and a wireless controller for them. The wireless controller,  you can send it small UDP packets to make the paired globes change. By referencing their API, it’s pretty easy to write your own programs. In this example I used an Arduino with a network shield and a PIR sensor. The goal was to get the PIR sensor to detect someone in the room and turn a desk lamp on. Part Specifics: PIR Sensor – HC-SR501 Motion Sensor Module, Network Shield Continue Reading →

USB Temperatures Integrated with Motion Webcams

Collectd temps

After some damn hot days 3-4 weeks back I wanted to know exactly how hot it was both inside our house and in the Mancave/shed. I found this webpage and bought way more 1-Wire  sensors than  needed. All up I bought 10 DS18S20’s, 9 ttl to USB convertors, 5 water proof probes (DS18S20’s  included) and 2 RS-323 serial probes (DS18S20’s  included). I have 2 low powered Open-WRT devices that now have sensors connected to them via USB to TTL convertors – a wireless router and a HP T5510, both have a squeezeslave client and a security webcam. Project Summary The Continue Reading →