N40L Mod Bios Update

I found a while ago that there is a BIOS patch for my HP N40L Micro server that basically de-cripples it – to some extent. Had some time today to finally install an additional network card, so I took the opportunity to try the patch. This guide is pretty thorough although when I applied the patch, the extra options achieved were: SATA II speed and the extra menu “Chipset” -> “SouthBridge Configuration” -> “SB Sata Configuration” Before patch my software RAID read speeds where about 250MB/s after: hdparm -tT /dev/md0 /dev/md0: Timing cached reads:   2362 MB in  2.00 seconds = Continue Reading →

New Server Arrived

To summarize, we were away for 4 weeks and all computers (including server) were turned off, this in turn saved us about $70 off our power bill, so with that, and the average 380-400W of power the server uses I figured a smaller server would pay for itself in no time. Firstly I looked at getting an ITX mobo, then buying RAM, CPU, CASE, etc.. Turned out to be cheaper to buy it as a complete system or buy them second hand. So I bought it as a package, and the one I ended up buying was HP ProLiant N40L Continue Reading →