MP3DP v2

After rebuilding the center of my MPCNC, buying another router and converting it to dual axis independent motors, I wanted to test it’s alignment by making the MP3DP v2 – another V1 Engineering project. Some of the core components came from my aging Prusa i2, which had significantly less build volume (20x20x7) There was a small issue with the parts being CNC’d using the new firmware. rounded corners seemed to be randomly hit and miss – I found out that the firmware didn’t cut arc’s very well, so they had to be removed from the g-code Core components removed: stepper Continue Reading →

Prusa Mendel i2 Update – 2

Front Mendel i2

Finally got my extruder, and it didn’t fit a J-Head hot-end, although a 16mm spade bit made sure it did. The thin glass I was using on the bed also broke and the Kapton tape teared on the first go. Not a great start but it is all functioning, it just needs tweaking. For the record, my replacement Solidoodle 2 parts still haven’t arrived, so if I can find a 200mmx200mm piece of glass or thick aluminum before it does, it’s fair to say their customer service needs adjustment..? Comments? Cheers

3D Printing Updates

I originally started printing parts for a Prusa Mendel Iteration 2 before my Solidoodle 2 had a fatal malfunction. I didn’t print a complete set,¬† mainly because it started out as a learning experience not a replacement. Currently in the second week of a 6-7 week turn around for the Solidoodle replacement parts to arrive, and I should have all the parts to make¬† the Mendel in about 2 weeks. Here is some prints that I haven’t published photos of yet: This is a security cam recording while printing “Clumsy Dragon” Cheers

Solidoodle Failed Again

Failed Y Axis Solidoodle 2 1

You may have read my rant at the bottom of this post regarding to cooked hot end resistor. Today I went to try a test print again after the Y axis kept getting stuck. Another parts fail, the front Y axis bearings where cracked and crumbling, then snapped all the way through. You can see from the pieces below that the infill has been set to about 20% on parts that requires constant tension and also holds a moving, vebrating part. A pretty obvious manufacturing mistake. The images below show the second right hand bearing holder failing as I tend Continue Reading →