ESP8266 – Work in progress

Thanks to a Hackaday post, I was made aware of these awesome (and awful) wireless to UART SoCs. When I first started the information available was patchy, resulting in the SoC randomly rebooting. After a few weeks of trial and error, it’s some what stable, but still has it’s issues every couple of hours. To get around this, I’ve incorporated a hard reset after ‘x’ amount of program loops with an Arduino. I had a status check that ran instead of loops, but the output of the SoC wasn’t synchronous, when dealing with multiple events from the UART and wifi Continue Reading →

USB Temperatures Integrated with Motion Webcams

Collectd temps

After some damn hot days 3-4 weeks back I wanted to know exactly how hot it was both inside our house and in the Mancave/shed. I found this webpage and bought way more 1-Wire  sensors than  needed. All up I bought 10 DS18S20’s, 9 ttl to USB convertors, 5 water proof probes (DS18S20’s  included) and 2 RS-323 serial probes (DS18S20’s  included). I have 2 low powered Open-WRT devices that now have sensors connected to them via USB to TTL convertors – a wireless router and a HP T5510, both have a squeezeslave client and a security webcam. Project Summary The Continue Reading →