Poor Mans UPS

Poormans UPS

During a bad storm a few weeks ago, we lost internet then power for a few hours. I’m not a fan of playing cards by candle light and the only UPS I have lasts for a few days then dies a terrible death screaming to be put down. Anyway, below is a picture of what I was able to scrounge up to recharge my phone and listen to music. Unfortunately I only remembered I had the car inverter the day after… Next time will be better 🙂 The big yellow device is a car jump start kit with 2x 12v Continue Reading →

Cheap Pickup: HP T1000RX (1KVA UPS)

Network UPS Tools Screen Shot

I bought a HP T100RX last year, but when testing it, it’s alarm activated for seemingly no reason after about a week. So it was considered faulty and to be disposed of. The recent power spikes and bad weather lead me to look at it again, which lead me to this page: FIRMWARE UPGRADE RECOMMENDED In Summary: “T1000XR and T1500XR UPS with Firmware Version 2.00 or T2200XR UPS with Firmware Version 2.02 May Falsely Report Fan Failure and Shut Down After Running for Several Weeks” So I applied the firmware update from a windows XP machine, then spent 45 minutes Continue Reading →