D-Link DWL-2100AP – USB Powered Mod

Rear of DWL-2100AP PCB with USB power cable

I obtained 5 D-Link DWL-2100AP ages ago and the power supplies have mostly all died. The requirements stated on the back are 5v 2amps. So I desoldered the power connector and replaced it with a cut off USB cable and tried it on a phone charger (5v 1amp) it booted and seemed to be OK. After that I tried my laptop USB charging port – again all seemed OK. Then I tried setting it up with my PC and plugging it into the back of a HP T5500 – All good and the wireless (I assume the most power draining Continue Reading →

WR703N Project Box’s

Wireless Serial Convertor

I’ve been inserting the WR703N’s into cases to make them more durable and less ‘touchy-feely’. The Serial to Wireless convertor – used when configuring Cisco switches, you an configure and upgrade the IOS on using it. This has been great for large installs then having to setup 20+ switches. Benefits include being able to sit comfortably at a desk while setting it up, and it runs off a phone backup battery so it doesn’t need to be plugged into a power outlet or USB – general run time is  > 2-3hrs. The case/enclosure allows it to be hanging from a Continue Reading →

TP-Link WR703N USB Mod

Insert PCB's back into the case and resolder leads

Read this post on installing an internal USB hub into a WR703N. The main difference I have is the WR703N I’m currently working on is just for prototyping (I have 3 more in the mail), I want all USB ports external to allow for different device testing. I was able to find the same USB hubs on eBay. Found a post that explains how to safely open the case. Once open you can see this is version 1.6 of the router, although the main PCB has version 1.1 on it…?? Dismantled the USB hub and desoldered the USB leads. Used a Continue Reading →

HP T5500 series Squeezeslave V2

If you haven’t figured out by now, I’ve been keen on small network sound devices for a while, although this should be the last revision. As a carry on from this article, I’ve kept with OpenWRT but moved to a different architecture (arm -> x86) to support the thinclients I have and will be getting. In comparison the wireless router was easy to get the base image installed but Squeezeslave wasn’t. This time the base image was stupidly difficult, and Squeezeslave was a cut’n’paste job. The reason why I couldn’t use a pre-built image was because the x86 image doesn’t Continue Reading →

Turn a WRT350Nv2 into a Squeezeslave (networked audio)

Brought a WRT350N v2 from the flea markets last week ($20), installed OpenWRT 10.03.1 using the WinXP firmware upgrade utility. After that installed I then installed some additional packages (full list). So at this point I was able to insert a cheap USB sound card in the rear and it would detect it. I was able to change the volume using alsamixer for testing. Now for the frustrating part, cross compiling squeezeslave to execute it on the WRT350Nv2. I tried a few precompiled binaries, but they were no good. The basic steps I took were: Download OpenWRT SDK. Make sure you’ve gotten the Continue Reading →