Ambient Light with Arduino and WS2811

The ambient lighting on this project turned out so well I wanted to try it on a normal TV. When making the back light for a second time, I used an Arduino Mini Pro with mini USB port. I did find a small hiccup, the baud rate needed to be changed to 115200 most likely due to limitations in the USB to serial chipset on the Mini Pro (CH-340). The refresh rates are still very good. I am also using less LEDs which may contribute:         “device” : { “name”       : “MyPi”, “type”       : “adalight”, “output”     : “/dev/ttyUSB0”, “rate”       : Continue Reading →

LCD TV Table – Inprogress

Having a coffee table with a TV screen in it doesn’t serve any real purpose, but if you have an unused, trashed, coffee table and 80cm LCD TV, it cant hurt to merge the two. The table is a brown Ikea coffee table from the Markor range. I haven’t got any product links for it. I’m assuming it’s discontinued. The TV/monitor is an Panasonic 80cm LCD with 2x HDMI inputs. The media player is a 512MB Raspberry Pi running Openelec (Kodi). The table was in the Mancave for a while and had oil and glue over it. It was roughly Continue Reading →