Tests and Small Projects

It’s been a busy start to the year and I’ve not had much extended free time for large projects so I’ve been running a few tests and small projects.

Milling name plates with the Desktop CNC. By using aluminium clad plastic – formerly pub menus. The desktop cnc cuts easily through the thin lay of aluminium exposing the black plastic layer. With a quick sand and buff they shine up well.

Magic Mirror display. I’d purchase 70% reflective car tinting many years ago for this project. I’d also purchased a cheap 22 inch 12v LCD monitor and finally decided to start making one.

Portable iBeacons. Originally had a very different purpose, now I’m getting into way points and extending the range further. Originally designed to go 10m indoors, I’ve tested mine up to 100m line of sight. It was very patchy but did connect. Hoping to increase the range with a better antenna.

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