TP-Link WR703N Re-purpose Reset Button

I needed an easily accessible button and rather than re-opening the case and soldering one to the PCB, I’ve found a way to re-purpose the reset switch to perform tasks. For the while loops and if statements I had to install bash because the default shell is ash.


  • When the router is turned on it now boots, starts kismet-server and when the rc.local is just about finished the blue status LED turns off.
  • When the reset button is pressed the kismet-server is killed and it connects to my home wireless network.
  • When the status LED flashes fast, I can then download the *.netxml files, telnet/ssh into it, etc…
  • When reset is pressed again the wireless config is set to disabled, the wireless card is reset, Kismet fires up again and the status LED turns off again.

These are the scripts I’ve written at about 3am so they are pretty rough. rc.local


Once the ethernet cable is removed the wireless client mode drops out, seems to be a driver issue, although you can set it up as an AP and connect to it via wireless card.


4 thoughts on “TP-Link WR703N Re-purpose Reset Button

  1. Great! I stumbled up on this when I typed “What the does the reset button on the tp link 703 do?” … but this page answers the question I SHOULD have asked: “How can I make that button do what I want?”…. Thank you!


    • Wow, that way looks heaps better, I had some inconsistencies at times with the way I did it. Great find, I’ll check it out and see if it’ll do what I want.

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