War Driving Stats

Count: 10122 (23-Dec-2012)


Count: 8097 (29-Nov-2012)

Count: 6028 (05-Nov-2012)

Count: 4915 (21-Sep-2012)

Image has been updated and due to a convenient bug in Google Earth SSID’s aren’t shown, so you can see more and there aren’t any privacy issues.

Last Updated 16-8-12

Top Vendors (based on MAC lookups)

820 Netgear
551 Cisco
405 BelkinIn
306 ThomsonT
275 D-Link
214 IinetLab
211 GreenPac
158 Tp-LinkT
115 BillionE
111 Netcomm
94 Motorola

No Encryption

Most open wireless device manufacturer: Netgear then a tie with Dlink and Belkin (based on default SSID’s).


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