WR703N Project Box’s

I’ve been inserting the WR703N’s into cases to make them more durable and less ‘touchy-feely’.

  • The Serial to Wireless convertor – used when configuring Cisco switches, you an configure and upgrade the IOS on using it. This has been great for large installs then having to setup 20+ switches. Benefits include being able to sit comfortably at a desk while setting it up, and it runs off a phone backup battery so it doesn’t need to be plugged into a power outlet or USB – general run time is  > 2-3hrs.
    • The case/enclosure allows it to be hanging from a switch without caring a lot for it’s safety. It can take bumps and drops very well. The external connections are RS232, Ethernet, and the hole on the right is for a micro USB power cable. It also has the screen from this post.
  • Wireless activity drone – used for noting down WAP locations for inspection later (signal strength, channels, etc..) Because it uses a USB GPS it does need a few more amps to run reliably, so to get it to run on battery would require 2 separate chargers or it’ll run off a cigarette 5v USB phone charger.
    • The case/enclosure is strong and also provides enough ventilation when it’s being run in a hot car parked in the sun. By placing most of the cables inside the box you don’t have to worry about it getting snagged on anything and all the cables leave through the same side, which makes it neater. Connections on side from top to bottom are spare USB host – For GPS, external antenna port, and double ended micro USB power in.


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