WR703N Sigh!

After a few weeks of testing I have hopefully narrowed down the problems with my latest WR703N setup, where it continues to reset the internal USB hub. I have plugged in an additional USB hub (un-powered) and plugged the USB flash drive and GPS into that. The GPS works straight away and the USB flash drive (/dev/sda2) doesnt have the same I/O and filesystem errors. Will perform thorough testing through out the next week and see how is goes.

In the previous post I thought it was power to the internal hub, so I have tried adding a 100uF capacitor. It initially started out being a r/w lock on the Sandisk USB flash drive, which I think was a result of a poorly constructed USB hub.

UPDATE 16-9-12

Found a USB hub that can be powered via an extra USB power lead and like usual  results look good but time will tell.


6 thoughts on “WR703N Sigh!

  1. Curious for an update on how things are working here. I am having similar issues with external hubs. I don’t have the external power packs for either of the hubs I am tinkering with. I may end up breaking out the soldering iron and hard wiring the power, but I would like for it all to be stable before I resort to that. Catch-22. lol

    • Hi Eug, My current stable setup for power/USB is a double ended USB cable going to another double end. This powers the board and a USB hub. Its made from a few different cables. This way you only need 1 power cable to power both the board and HUB. I use a ‘2amp’ USB car charger for a power supply. I have the hub running a flash drive and GPS, flawlessly off the powered USB hub. I think this would also be good for you because you can just cut and solder some cables.

      • Come to think of it, I don’t have the lot plugged into the best power source. I have the WR703 getting it’s power from a powered hub on my desktop and not from a USB wall wart. Your X cable sounds like a good solution for testing.


        • Yeah I’d start with more than enough amps and work down, I have had 2 running off external phone batteries using an X cable mentioned and the USB devices have behaved pretty well (USB sound card excluded).

    • Hi Matteo, The best usb hubs to use are ones that are powered by 5v adapters, that way you can use the same power supply. I have found that most smaller USB thumb drives just aren’t reliable and tend to be intermittant, where the larger ones will work very well on un-powered hubs.


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