Bluetooth Speakers and Squeezeslave

The setup serving audio in our kitchen was pretty conviluded and had a few too many cables jammed into a cupboard: A thin-client with powered speakers, attached to a wireless access point set to client mode. I picked up a newer set of powered speakers that came with a 30 pin iPod/iPad dock – so I looked online and found an attachment for the iPod dock that converts it to a Bluetooth audio receiver (similar to this), so you can connect with any Bluetooth enabled music device (phone, laptop, etc.). I have a laptop (Media Director for LinuxMCE) hooked up Continue Reading →

Cheap Pickups: Vistar Audio 250W Panel Amp

New speaker back.

Picked up either a 450W or 250W/360W sub woofer panel amplifier: $10. As you can see from the pics below, there aren’t any identifying model numbers on it except “AUDIO 9911061”. Had to fix the cable from the volume/frequency/IR PCB, then plugged it into see if it works… It does and works very well! When playing thumping bass, a carpeted speaker box with a 600W Kicker Sub moves along the floor! Next, sub woofer races!! The metal rattling is the “Man Cave” roof, and yes I know the box is way too small for the sub. An few interesting features Continue Reading →

HP T5500 series Squeezeslave V2

If you haven’t figured out by now, I’ve been keen on small network sound devices for a while, although this should be the last revision. As a carry on from this article, I’ve kept with OpenWRT but moved to a different architecture (arm -> x86) to support the thinclients I have and will be getting. In comparison the wireless router was easy to get the base image installed but Squeezeslave wasn’t. This time the base image was stupidly difficult, and Squeezeslave was a cut’n’paste job. The reason why I couldn’t use a pre-built image was because the x86 image doesn’t Continue Reading →

Turn a WRT350Nv2 into a Squeezeslave (networked audio)

Brought a WRT350N v2 from the flea markets last week ($20), installed OpenWRT 10.03.1 using the WinXP firmware upgrade utility. After that installed I then installed some additional packages (full list). So at this point I was able to insert a cheap USB sound card in the rear and it would detect it. IĀ was able toĀ change theĀ volume using alsamixer for testing. Now for the frustrating part, cross compiling squeezeslave to execute it on the WRT350Nv2. I tried a few precompiled binaries, but they were no good. The basic steps I took were: Download OpenWRT SDK. Make sure you’ve gotten the Continue Reading →

Network Audio from Thinclient

This is an extension to HP T5000 As a Network Stereo. Rather than use the thin client as a fully qualified MD where boot times are slow, and it has a lot of non-required process’s running on it, etc… I’ve decided to explore the possibility of making a DIY squeezebox. I figured the Logitechs’ squeezebox would have lower specifications as far as CPU, RAM and storage are concerned. First Option: SqueezeOS Followed this tutorial and it created the images for an arm processor… Failed many times while trying to create a qemux86 and BootCDx86 base. I had tried using many Continue Reading →