Cheap Pickup: HP T1000RX (1KVA UPS)

I bought a HP T100RX last year, but when testing it, it’s alarm activated for seemingly no reason after about a week. So it was considered faulty and to be disposed of. The recent power spikes and bad weather lead me to look at it again, which lead me to this page: FIRMWARE UPGRADE RECOMMENDED

In Summary: “T1000XR and T1500XR UPS with Firmware Version 2.00 or T2200XR UPS with Firmware Version 2.02 May Falsely Report Fan Failure and Shut Down After Running for Several Weeks”

So I applied the firmware update from a windows XP machine, then spent 45 minutes to get the management software installed in XP,win7, and LinuxMCE… All failed due to the age of the java used to write both the installer and applications. I did find this gem though: “HP T1000XR UPS with serial connection (NUT driver – bcmxcp)”

Now it’s connected to the DCERouter, using a USB 2 serial converter and “NUT” (Network UPS Tools). Collectd has a Nut plug-in which I am also using to monitor the output power and other stats.

The above collectd images are from overnight, I’m guessing the NUT driver is a close match but not quite perfect. I have checked the servers power usage before and it was a pretty solid 60W. I would also like to believe that the power leaving the UPS would be more level than the power in.

I think the purchase price for the UPS was about $20.


UPDATE 18-06-12

Sigh… the alarm and fan fail issue is still apparent:

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